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"Putting the doo-doo in doodling."
"Gelatin" Exhibition - Boijmans van Beuningen Museum - Rotterdam
My name is Ivar Hennep a.k.a. "Ivar Zanzibar" and I currently live in Rotterdam/The Netherlands.
Ivar Zanzibar is a versatile artist, graphic designer, and illustrator renowned for his distinct visual style that intertwines heritage, culture, and a touch of surrealism. With a deep-rooted fascination for narratives, Ivar explores unconventional approaches to illustration, centering his work around a central subject while crafting a consistent theme that unifies each piece.
Having completed his studies at both the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, Ivar brings a rich foundation of artistic knowledge and expertise to his creations. Currently, he shares his passion for design as a graphic design teacher at MBO Utrecht.
With a keen focus on storytelling, Ivar is continuously experimenting with ways to depict narratives through his illustrations. He masterfully weaves together elements, ensuring a cohesive and relatable connection among his artworks. His portfolio showcases a captivating blend of heritage, culture, and surrealism, offering viewers a thought-provoking visual experience.

2016 - 2020: Willem de Kooning Academy - Illustration
2012 - 2016: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam - Visualizing
2015 First half: Internship at illustration studio JAWGEM
2015 Second half: Internship at studio & gallery MeLikePainting
Contests & Exhibitions

2018 Nov 7 / "Red Floor" Exhibition
2018 Jan 18 / "North Sea Jazz" Poster design-contest
2017 Oct 25 / "Culturall" in Gemaal op Zuid
2017 Jul 1 / Metropolis Festival poster-design exhibition
2016 Apr 20 / Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam graduation exhibition
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